The Niche Focus


Thinking Catalyst

We act as a catalyst for both individuals and groups in clarifying their thinking and goals. This may be through facilitated design discussions or one-on-one dialogue with experts to ‘unpack’ their expertise. 


Group Facilitation

The development of organisations requires a recognition of the importance of groups and teams. Dr Craig Ashhurst (Director), has over thirty years experience in facilitating groups. Sessions are customised to take into account the particular needs and size of the teams. 


Strategic Thinking

Niche Thinking helps individuals and groups work through their strategic issues, with an emphasis on planning and strategic direction days/sessions.


One Team

If clients face problems in groups that relate to underlying assumptions and patterns of thinking, we help explore the organisation’s culture and assist in relevant changes in a business team, e.g:

  •  Awareness of sub groups in a team
  •  Personality differences


The Social Psychology of Risk

Director of Studies at The Centre For Leadership and Learning in Risk (CLLR)

  •  Between legal and communications people Between management and IT departments